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Review – Softball


CaptainU has so many tools to take advantage of. I used the direct email to head coaches & assistant coaches constantly to keep in contact. You can supply so much information to the coaches from your bio, pictures, stats. I sent a lot of video of live game footage to coaches.

Also CaptainU was always on top of the tournaments being played around the country and always had the colleges who were going to be in attendance so you could email your game schedule and field location as soon as possible. CaptainU even was on top of clinics around the country and the attending colleges.

CaptainU is a one stop recruiting tool. I was always emailed when a coach watched my video or opened an email or viewed my profile. I can’t say enough about CaptainU it helped me get recruited by making it possible for me to put myself in front of college coaches as much as possible and to supply as much information as possible.

Thank you CaptainU!!

-Erricka Leopardi HS graduating Class of 2015

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