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Review – Soccer

Our experience, I should say Steven’s, using CaptainU was instrumental in getting him recruited to play soccer for a college.

First of all, just posting an updated player profile was a big help. Steven got well over 75 schools that pulled his profile up in a search for players. If he liked or was interested in any of the schools that searched his profile or viewed his video, the website made it very easy to research not only the team and coach but the school as well. Steven could easily update his profile with new videos, info and upcoming events like games or tournaments that any interested coach could access.

CaptainU’s form letters/emails were a big help in contacting coaches. It laid out a time table and guide for contacting coaches that we were glad to have. Having this system available at CaptainU made the recruitment process much easier than I had imagined. I simply liked the fact that CaptainU gave us one site where we could contact coaches, do research and keep a history of all the correspondence with the schools recruiting Steven.

Steven found his college of choice by doing a search for schools with soccer programs on CaptainU. He targeted a region and a division he liked and then started researching and contacting the coaches at the schools he was interested in that came up on CaptainU’s list. I am proud to say that he signed a letter of intent to play for a (university on the west coast) in the Fall of 2014. I’m not sure we would have found (this school) without CaptainU.

-Paul (athlete parent)

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