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Review – Lacrosse


I would like to tell you about my experience with CaptainU so that other athletes can hear about how CaptainU helped me so I can help them.

CaptainU’s tools on the site have helped me write letters to coaches and give me a great format to use and inform me of when to use them. CaptainU provides numerous letters and formats of when and what to contact coaches with as far as what type of letter to write.

Most importantly, it keeps me very organized! I am a Sophomore graduating in 2016, looking forward to this July and September when D1 and D2 schools can reach out. The exposure from my CaptainU profile gives me access to a number of college coaches. It also gives me information for upcoming camps and showcases. It is a very informative site!!


Want a CaptainU profile of your own? Sign up for a free one today to connect with thousands of college coaches and access invaluable athletic tools & resources to take your game to the next level!

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