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Review – Golf

CaptainU is a great tool for an athlete! My mom signed me up for this site and paid for me to have the Varsity access. This allowed me to write to college coaches and they would respond back to me. It was very exciting when a coach looked at my profile and CaptainU sent me an e-mail letting me know that a coach was looking at me.

CaptainU helped me determine what colleges would fit with my athletic ability as well as my personal interest. I chose to contact the coaches that I felt would be a good match. I was contacted by the coaches that I emailed and they let me know if I had a chance or not. I went on a college/recruit visit as a result of my interaction through CaptainU. I was offered a scholarship to play for the college which was very exciting for me. I did not choose this particular college and ended up going with a college that is not affiliated with CaptainU, but this does not change my opinion of the helpfulness of this resource. I feel that I was able to make a smart choice because I had many choices.

The web site is very user friendly. I had my mom stop the Varsity plan because I have signed to play golf in the fall. I still get emails that a coach is looking at my profile and I find myself missing being able to see who the coach is that is looking. I strongly encourage all athletes to try CaptainU!


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