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Review – Soccer


CaptainU helped me to fulfill my dream of becoming a college athlete. I am a soccer player, and began to use CaptainU during my sophomore year to communicate with coaches. CaptainU helped me to organize the list of schools I was looking at by giving me easy access to information about geography, the student population, academic requirements and cost. Once I had a list of schools,

CaptainU made it really easy to contact coaches, as well as finding the school and team web sites. I was able to communicate with coaches with “one click” to get it touch with them about upcoming games and tournaments. When coaches replied to me through CaptainU, it was really easy to access those emails and to see our entire chain of emails. It was easy to load transcripts, video, photos and other things coaches requested, and either put them in my profile for everyone to see or just attach them to an email reply to one particular coach.

Being in regular contact with coaches through CaptainU helped me to build a relationship with several programs, which I was then invited to visit. By the beginning of my senior year, I was in a position to make a verbal commitment to a program I am really excited about, and I credit CaptainU with helping me to market myself to coaches and to organize my communication in a way that helped me to reach my goals.


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