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“CaptainU has been a great tool in reaching out to college coaches.”

dalt cue

CaptainU has been a great tool in reaching out to college coaches. All of the email addresses were at our disposal and made it so easy to send updates, notify of upcoming tournaments and express interest in various colleges. I was able to view college and team information that was important to me. I was looking for a specific school size in a preferred location and I could see this quickly with the links provided. I was able to read the bios of the coaches and the history of the college teams very easily. I could check out the roster which contained information that helped my search for the school that would be the right fit. Numerous college coaches looked at my profile and several sent me emails through CaptainU. I coordinated official visits via email in CaptainU. I was able to update my profile, add pictures and my highlight video for coaches to see. You have to do the work of searching and sending emails & updates but it will pay off.

Ultimately, I was recruited by a great college and look forward to continue playing soccer for four more years.

-Dalton Browsky

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