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Review – Water Polo

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 9.06.06 AMThere are only so many hours in the day and when you are a high school athlete many of those hours are consumed with building your skills and improving your performance. Add in the school day, homework and other responsibilities at home and there’s very little time left over. That is one of the reason’s that I chose CaptainU as a tool to help me reach out and keep track of my communications with college coaches. Competition is fierce now a days and not all coaches will have an opportunity to watch all players perform. They also do not have the time or the staff to sit and watch hours of athletes on film. But just about all coaches check his or her email multiple times a day. CaptainU is a way to grab their attention.

I liked how easy it is to use the tools on CaptainU. University and College coaches’ names and email addresses are automatically populated. With a few clicks, the email can be drafted and sent. I would receive an email in my personal inbox every time a coach looked at my profile or read and responded to my emails. This helped to make sure a coach’s email didn’t get missed, and I could quickly get back to them. I could also tell if a coach was not reading my emails and it helped me calibrate other ways to reach out to them. CaptainU let’s an athlete build a personal profile that is linked to each email sent. This is a great way for the coach to have all your details in front of them to remind them who you are and all your contact information.

I would recommend athletes use this tool and take advantage of all the features. There are no short cuts to success in life, but CaptainU was a great resource for networking and efficiency.

– Shawn Welch, Men’s Water Polo

Want a CaptainU profile of your own? Sign up for a free one today to connect with thousands of college coaches and access invaluable athletic tools & resources to take your game to the next level!

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