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Review – Basketball

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Austin, was blessed with great natural ability & talent which was recognized early on and we needed to get the word out… That’s when we ran across CaptainU. We looked it over and realized it was the tool that we were going to use the rest of his high school / AAU career. Everything was so easy to set up and we were able to establish contacts with several coaches at the next level which is key in the recruiting process! CaptainU also played a huge role in Austin’s college search process and played a key role in his college selection process! His ability to reach out and have information regarding universities, colleges, coaches, and potential teammates at his fingertips was invaluable in that process – One stop shopping! It was during Austin’s senior year when the head basketball coach at TLU was able to find Austin through another coach that had seen Austin’s profile on CaptainU and passed his name along because he knew the coach was looking for specific position players. CaptainU provided the avenue for the coach to view and evaluate him for possible recruitment in the comfort of his own office.

As parents, we learned early on that when it came to our son being recruited we would be alone in that process… We knew our son had the talent to play at the next level but we needed help to ensure that Austin received the proper exposure so that he could/would be recruited and provided the opportunity to play the game he loved at the next level. Coming from a very small community (La Vernia, Texas) talent alone simply isn’t the answer… However, CaptainU provides a viable avenue for colleges to not only view potential recruits like Austin, but to also evaluate them for possible recruitment without having to spend long hours on the road with recruitment efforts.

We have tried to use several other recruitment programs, CaptainU by far is the best! Not only is it very easy to use, it’s coach database has to be one of the most up to date and accurate on the market. CaptainU allows you to post pertinent information, generate e-mails to coaches, post pictures & videos; which coaches seem to really like. Austin has had countless coaches at the next level view his profile and this would not be possible otherwise and certainly not possible through coaches attending high school & AAU tournaments alone. Everything you need is right at your finger-tips. We can honestly say Austin would not have the opportunities he has today if it were not for CaptainU. If you want your son/daughter/student athlete to be recognized, you have to market yourself, and in my opinion CaptainU is a cost effective means and the way to accomplish that. If you want to get recruited, CaptainU is not just an option, it’s the answer!

Thanks from the entire Pickens’ family to everyone there at CaptainU!

Want a CaptainU profile of your own? Sign up for a free one today to connect with thousands of college coaches and access invaluable athletic tools & resources to take your game to the next level!

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