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Review – Volleyball

“Hey Captain U – My daughter has used your player profile service for the past three years and I am happy to report, she has been offered a position as setter on a DI volleyball team as a high school junior. We have found your site extremely user friendly in that it is easy to upload video, pictures, articles, showcase and tournament schedules etc. I also like the fact that players can input academic achievements and awards received as they work through their high school careers. The site does a great job of storing a lot of player information that is easily organized and simple to access.
Cecily Volleybally Review
We feel that the college search is as much about finding the right fit for us in a school as it is being sure the player is the right fit for the prospective team. In that vein, we have used your service extensively in our research of various schools and we find Captain U extremely helpful in assisting us to identifying strong academic schools which also offer great volleyball programs. I think Captain U’s ability to allow the player to categorize and prioritize colleges and universities she is interested in is invaluable. It allows the player the flexibility to add to and re-arrange the priority list when needed, either because a school falls off of our interest level or because they may not need our player’s position for her graduating year. We also used your upgraded service so we could take advantage of your email feature. I cannot express how convenient the email feature is on your site. It is great to have all of the coach’s email addresses organized in one place so it was really easy for my daughter to contact the schools she was interested in prior to a tournament and invite them to watch her perform.

I really don’t think she would have had as much interest as she did from schools without Captain U as a primary recruitment tool. If the student athlete wants to play in college, she has to be proactive, and Captain U helps that athlete organize her accomplishments and focus on the contacts that will take her to the next level.

Thank you for supporting us in our recruitment process!!

Bonnie G. – parent review

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