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Which is the best – you tell us!!

Your vote matters!!!

Help these 5 talented, young athletes get exposure to thousands of college coaches across the CaptainU network and take their game to the next level!

The winner’s video will have a chance to be featured on our homepage and our blog, in our Video Newsletter, in our Magazine, and will be promoted on our social media networks. But none of them can have the chance without your vote!

You have until Sunday, September 14th at midnight MST to vote… don’t waste any time! The winner will be announced Monday, August 25th.

TO VOTE: visit our social media pages and:

Here are your Top 5 Finalists!

  1. Georgia Pesot
  2. Matthew Blaney
  3. Amanda Fennell
  4. Patrick Gilbert
  5. Allison Coon
  6. Congratulations to all 5 of our finalists. This is a big deal and honor in the CaptainU network.

    GO VOTE!!!!

    To be eligible for our Video of the Week competition, create your free recruiting profile with CaptainU today!

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