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Review – Soccer

Colton soccer review“Captain U is the only way to go to get your athlete noticed by colleges! My son wanted to play soccer at the college level so we looked into various recruiting programs. Captain U was affordable, easy to use and very effective. Before every tournament my son would look at what college coaches would be attending. From the Captain U website it was easy for him to do research on the colleges and teams before he contacted the coaches. He would email the coaches and tell them he would be at the tournament and to come watch him play. He got responses from almost all of the colleges coaches he contacted. He would email them after the tournament to see what they thought of him. He could even tell when college coaches were looking at his profile! It was easy to attach his profile information, pictures and a video.

I really believe that you need to showcase your athlete because these there are just so many out there. The college coaches are not going to come to you on their own. You need to go to them and Captain U is the best way to do that! My son received a huge scholarship to play soccer at the University he wanted. I would recommend Captain U to any athlete who wants to play at the college level.

Becky G. – parent review  

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