What does this notification email mean?

There are several different notification emails you might receive from CaptainU:

1. “You matched a search!” or “A College Coach found you!”

Both of these notifications mean that a college coaches used CaptainU’s application for coaches to search for athletes, and your profile showed up!

Coaches have all different categories that can use to filter athletes. For example, they may search for something as broad as “Men’s Soccer Players who graduate in 2015 and play forward” or something as specific as “Softball pitchers from the West Coast with above a 3.5 who have a video on their profile”

Each athlete that shows up in a search query from a coach will get this notification.

2. “A coach viewed your profile!”

There are many ways a coach might end up on your profile- clicking from a message, following a link from a search, or clicking from their database of athletes, but this notification means the coach actually ended up on your profile. Hopefully your info is all up to date, because this is a great notification to get!

3. “A coach opened your message”

You sent a message and a college coach opened it! The standard way email opens are tracked on the internet, which we use as well, is by placing a tiny, 1-pixel blank image in your email. When a recipient “displays the images” in an email, CaptainU serves up the “image” and sends you a notification confirming that the coach saw your email. Please note that sometimes recipients read emails without downloading the 1-pixel images, in which case, we can’t confirm whether they opened the email.

4. “A coach just added you!”

When a coach get’s your email address and wants to learn more about you, they put this into our database.  This will trigger an email letting you know that  coach wants to keep an eye on players like you when it comes time to fill their roster!  This is great news, and if it is a school you want to explore and play for, be sure to add it to your colleges tab and update your profile so they get a great snapshot of who you are as an athlete!