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Review – Softball

“I liked the fact that CaptainU really highlighted my strengths and abilities on my profile page because it was organized so well. It allowed me to personalize my entire page into how I wanted coaches to perceive me. Some sites have a cookie-cut outline you need to follow, but CaptainU really lets you add whatever information you’d like via extra links, attachments, pictures or documents.

I also really love the “Athlete Endorsements” section. I’ve had the honor of playing for some amazing coaches and playing with great teammates that fortunately took the time to write about my abilities. I think it’s great that there’s a section for real people to comment on your skills because it can give college coaches an idea of how your peers and coaches thought of you. In addition, CaptainU is super user-friendly and free! There’s an option to upgrade your account for maximum exposure, but it’s definitely not required to spend a ton of money like other sites. I upgraded my account, and I absolutely loved everything about it.

I am currently attending [a university in Illinois] to study Biology/Chemistry, and I’m playing softball. I am really enjoying myself and having a great time! I am thankful to have had CaptainU to help expose my skills to the coaches here.

Overall, I had a great experience using CaptainU. It’s very easy to look up schools and email the coaches because CaptainU provides all that information for you. It was also amazing to see my profile site progress into a very well-put together site that I was proud of. I highly recommend CaptainU to my friends and anyone that is looking to pursue collegiate athletics.

Thanks Avi. ”

Alyssa D. – athlete review

CaptainU Softball Reviews 

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