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Action shot of the day: Solo block

CaptainU volleyball player Haley Ashworth earns today’s action shot feature for this epic capture of a solo block against her opponent.

She was also recently named a CaptainU Top 10 Volleyball Player of the Month for the completeness of her profile and her efforts in connecting with college coaches through CaptainU.

action shot

On Haley’s CaptainU profile, her teammate says, “”Haley is a great teammate because she always has a positive attitude. She works hard and sets a good example for her teammates. Haley is a great outside hitter and her defense/passing skills are exceptional.”

Check out her stand-out profile to see how she uses CaptainU tools like highlight reels, stats, action shots and more to impress and connect with college coaches.

To be considered for the next action shot of the day, login to your CaptainU profile today and upload some sweet pictures of you playing your sport!

Take your game to the next level in college with a free CaptainU profile, where you’ll be able to connect with the thousands of college coaches in our network, access valuable resources and tools, sign up for elite events and more!

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