Avi Stopper


Hi there! I’m Avi Stopper, the founder & CEO of CaptainU. Thanks so much for being a CaptainU member and using our software. CaptainU has been an amazing journey for me since 2003. It started when I wrote the how-to-get-recruited guidebook Make the Team, which is now available as a free eBook. Along the way I’ve met more wonderful, inspiring people than I can count. We have a great team and amazing customers; I feel very lucky. If you’re so inclined, I love to banter with our members. You can always reach me here: avi@captainu.com.

Before starting CaptainU, I used to coach the soccer team at the University of Chicago, which is where I also went to business school. I played soccer in college at Wesleyan, where I was a geology major. Often, if I’m not discussing sports or technology, I start babbling about rocks. Most people’s eyes glaze over. Alas, they just don’t seem to love rocks the way I do.

I’m an adjunct professor at the University of Denver, where I teach a class in the business school on how to start a company. Along those lines, I’m available for speaking gigs on business and sports-related topics. I’m particularly passionate about sports psychology and other topics that are essential to being a successful athlete, but traditionally aren’t “coached.” If those things interest you as well, you might be interested the podcast I host, Radio CaptainU.

When I have a little free time I play guitar (this may or may not be me), build and ride longboards, and get out into the Front Range on my mountain bike as often as I can. I’m

You can connect with me on Twitter here or drop me an email.