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Response to a Post Online

I wanted to respond to an anonymous post about CaptainU that appeared on some online forums about a year ago. We work hard to make our software as easy to understand and usable as possible, so I was disappointed to see in the post that there were a number of misunderstandings about how CaptainU works.

When I discovered the post, I replied in the comments, asking the author to email me, but I never heard from them. I wanted to find the person who wrote it to clarify how our software works, so we kept researching it and were eventually able to connect the dots. Here’s what was said in the post and what we found:

Misunderstanding #1: The post questioned whether an email the author received from us indicating a small college from West Virginia viewed her info was valid.

How it actually works: It’s not unusual for a coach at a college you haven’t been in touch with previously to find you in a search. Sure enough, looking in our database, we were able to confirm that a college coach at a small school in West Virginia did in fact run a search and found the author’s profile.

There is no judgment from us on whether that particular college is a good fit for that athlete. It just means that the coach at that school ran a search that returned that profile.

Misunderstanding #2: The author used our tools to send information to a Division I coach and then received an email from us indicating that that school had seen her info. The author believed this couldn’t be possible since the coach at that college didn’t have an account with us.

How it actually works: College coaches don’t have to have accounts with us to receive information from athletes who use our tools. The info athletes send goes directly to college coaches’ normal email addresses. Why not just send emails from your normal email account? The reason is that we’re able to include tracking technology in outbound emails so athletes can understand what happened after they sent their email.

We checked the college coach’s email address to which the email was sent. It was correct. Then we checked our software to make sure it was working. It was. From the post, it appears the author expected that the coach would have to log into an account they didn’t actually have, when in reality it was as simple as the coach working through their standard email inbox.

A third concern: The author also noted in the post that some of our college tuition information was out of date. This was correct. It’s always been a challenge to keep this info current across thousands of colleges. We’re working on a way to improve all of our college information system-wide.

In researching this post, we’ve been very thorough and we’ve learned a lot from it. The misunderstandings in the post show that we need to do a better job educating our customers on how our products work. We’re working on it.

We’re inspired by our customers, and we’ve watched with pride as they’ve had great success over the last 6 years. I’m very sorry that we let this customer down.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of CaptainU, feel free to drop me a line: avi@captainu.com.

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