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5 Ways: How NOT to email a college coach


1. DO NOT use an unmodified template.

-Coaches receive hundreds of emails. Any template you find they will have seen before. Be authentic, be yourself.  If you do use a template modify it.

2. DO NOT write an essay.

-Be concise and to the point. Have a reason for emailing them (you’re playing at an upcoming tournament, you’re interested in playing for their team, etc.) and convey that in the first sentence. Then give yourself no more than a couple of paragraphs to explain (1) your interest in their school and (2) what you bring to the table.

3. DO NOT make grammar or spelling mistakes.

-Shows lack of attention to detail. Creates a bad first impression.

4. DO NOT be vague about why you’re contacting them.

-If you find yourself repeating the same reasons over and over again in every email, do some more research. Why does this particular school and program appeal to you? How is it unique and different from others?

5. DO NOT spam their inbox.

-Again, coaches are busy. Do not send them three emails when you could convey the information in one. Also, if a coach does not respond give them a week or two before following up.

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