Your parents have always been your number one fan. They’re the ones who’ve driven you to practice, arranged road game travel, keeping your uniforms clean, and your gear in good shape. They’ve prepared pre-game meals and offered post-game pep talks. And now, your parents are not only facing you going out on your own but also the uncertainty of the recruiting process. Add it all up and your parents are probably stressing right now. Here are 5 ways to help your parents relax during recruiting. 

It’s only natural. The recruiting process can be stressful. But, while you’re looking for the school that offers you the best fit, your parent’s worry about your decision can be compounded by the stresses of their everyday life. So, if you see your parents stressing out, show them these tips for relaxing during recruiting. And if you find the stress is getting to you, they’ll work for you, too.

Turn On Music, Tune Out Everything Else

Whether it’s work, the daily commute, or just pre-games nerves, listening to music can quickly lighten your mood and help you relax. Between smartphones, tablets, streaming, and unlimited TV channels on cable or satellite, we’re surrounded by more distractions and noise than ever before. Assemble a playlist of some of your favorite, calming music, and then take the time to take a break, sit back, relax, and listen to the music.

Avoid The Echo Chambers

Whether it’s in the stands or on social media, there’s always someone with a negative attitude about the team, or the coach, the officiating, or the facilities. And, more often than not, there’s someone else to reinforce and echo those negative vibes. All the negativity is poison. Get away from it.

Avoid social media for a while. Turn off group chat notifications. Steer clear of those parents who simply aren’t happy with anything. Avoiding all the negativity may be just what you need to find some tranquility.

Take A Break To Breathe

Our lives are busier than ever and, when you throw in the stress of the recruiting process, everything gets magnified further. If you or your parents are feeling overwhelmed by it all, take a few minutes to sit back and breathe. Simply sitting and taking deep breaths is a proven way to relax and reduce stress. And whether you find the need to do it every day or just every so often, remember that simply taking a break to breathe can help you relax, reduce stress, and help you be happier overall.

Take A Load Off

Your parents have always followed their best instincts and done the better part of the leg work to help you succeed. But now that you’re preparing to step out on your own, you can help ease the stress on your parents by picking up the slack on some of those duties. As an added bonus, taking some responsibility and showing your independence will help college coaches see that you can face the world on your own. 

Understand The Recruiting Process

Part of the stress of the recruiting process, for you and your parents, is not knowing how it will all turn out. To help ease that stress, make sure you and your parents understand the process, how it works, all the opportunities available to you, and have a plan to deal with it. Their understanding, and even their contribution to your recruiting process, can go a long way to helping everyone relax and to see things to a happy, and successful, conclusion. 

In the big picture, your time as a college recruit is relatively short. Neither you nor your parents should waste a minute of it worrying over things you can’t control. And if the stress is getting to be too much, for you or your parents, step back and take a few minutes to find a way to relax. The recruiting process can be a wild ride, but it will only come around once. Implement these 5 ways to help your parents relax during recruiting and then just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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