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5 Ways: How to Make a Great Video


1. Length: 3-5 minutes.  

-Show off your skills but don’t overwhelm with too many clips.

2. Not just scores/goals/baskets.

-Remember you are not auditioning for SportsCenter’s top 10 plays. Don’t just show yourself scoring. Include the setup to your score as well. Coaches want to get a whole picture of you as a player. Anybody can make themselves look great in a highlight reel.

3. Pause and Highlight.

-You want to include some pauses while you highlight yourself so the coach can identify what he or she is looking at.

4. Different games, different performances.

-Provide a range of footage against different opponents. Coaches will want to know that you perform well in different situations and against different skill levels.  Consistency is what counts.

5. Include your bio.

-Name, year and position at least. This makes the coach’s job a lot easier.

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