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5 Ways: Get More Views from Colleges


1. Direct Message Coaches: Don’t Be Shy!

-Click on colleges then send an email. Or, alternatively just hit the mail button directly! You’ll be on your way to making much-needed contacts.

2. Add an image to your profile: Look Fresh!

-Click Profile then Edit Profile then Photos. Upload some of those cool pics and get featured on our Top 5 Pics of the Day. Oh yeah.

3. Get recommendations from youth coaches and teammates: Build your Brand!

-Getting people to endorse you is key. You can then build your brand as that athlete with the perfect combination of talent and hard work. To so Click Profile then Edit Profile then Endorsements.

4. Add more colleges to your prospective college list: More Colleges = More Views = More Awesome!

-If you don’t add colleges how can you get recruited? They won’t know you’re interested.

5. Add Video: Show you got game!

-If you don’t already have a video you can get one filmed and edited for you here.

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