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5 Ways: How to email a college coach


1.Express your enthusiasm. Be Authentic

-Why would YOU be excited to play for them? No generic reasons. No boiler-plate one liners about how great their program is. They know that. Coaches want to know why YOU would want to play for them.

2. Research the team. Knowledge is Power.

-What successes have they had? What are their strengths? Who do they play against? If you can show you know something about their team in a short email, coaches will be impressed.

3. Research the college. More knowledge is more power.

-College isn’t all about sports. Coaches know this. You should too. Show that you are interested in what the school offers beyond athletics.

4. Be concise. They don’t have all day.

-Think about this from the coach’s perspective. They receive hundreds of emails a day, hold countless meetings, watch countless videos. This is not the time for an essay explaining who you are, why you’d be a great fit, why you admire their program, etc. Get straight to the point, and be able to explain in a few, well-crafted sentences why they should be interested in you.

5. Include your youth coach’s email. Be Thorough.

-There are times during the year when coaches are not allowed to communicate directly with athletes because of NCAA regulations. Including a youth coach’s email will allow a college coach to remain in contact during these periods.

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