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5 Ways: Creating Your College List


1. Be Idealistic but Realistic.

– Set a high goal for yourself. Add a few schools you think would not be interested because they’re too good, too tough to get into—either in sports or academics. You never know what can happen. But at the same time add schools you think you are likely to get into. The upshot is roll the dice, just not all of the dice.

2. It’s not all about sports.

– If the only thing that appeals to you about the school is their athletics program think twice. You must be excited about the team you will play for but if you can’t get excited about any other aspects of the school—academics, research opportunities, quality of your peers, etc—you should reconsider.

3. Its your life, own it.

– This is your search, your college experience, your life. Don’t go somewhere because of someone else, don’t fool yourself into liking a place because your college counselor, mom, dad, relative recommended it. Only add colleges you are honestly excited about.

 4. Cast a wide net now.

-Don’t limit yourself early on. There are lots of colleges and athletics programs offering lots of different experiences—expose yourself to as many as possible. Keep it manageable but early on cast that net wide!

 5. Narrow down later.

-As you research more about each college and message college coaches, begin to narrow down. Just because you liked a school at first does not mean you have to stick with it. Stay honest but be discerning!

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