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5 Ways: Application and Decision Time

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1.Early Decision and Action

-If you are sold on a school by all mean go with Early Decision (this is especially true if you think it will be a reach as your chances of getting in will be higher).

2. Apply to a bunch but don’t go crazy.

-Each application should involve some serious thought and original answers (yes, you can use the same essay on the common app but each school usually asks additional questions). SO, applying to more than 10 schools is a lot of work. More than 20 is insane.

3. Make sure to keep coaches aware of your plans.

-They are your biggest advocate and can often sway admissions decisions.  Stay in contact. Message them to let them know of any changes, questions, concerns.  Just don’t spam them.

4. Aim really high but anticipate it being difficult.

-College admissions is increasingly a sweepstakes. Just remember that college is not anything other than what you make of it.  Where you go is ultimately of secondary importance—what you study and do while you’re there is what counts.

5. Visit. But remember it’s spring.

-Once decisions come down, visit. But remember you are seeing schools in April at this point.  Try to picture the place in the dead of winter.

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