Here are 4 Qualities that Coaches Look for in Athletes during the recruiting process.

Coaches play to win. And that means, some players see more game action than others. And, if you sometimes get more time on the bench than other players, there are several things you can do to improve yourself and show your value to your coach. Just make sure you put these four traits into practice:

  • Communicate With Your Coach

Simply being able to talk to your coach and ask how you can improve is a big first step. Make sure your coach knows that you’re willing to work harder to be a better player. A chat or two with your coach likely won’t lead to an immediate increase in playing time, but as long as your coach knows you want to make the effort, it can put you on the radar for more opportunities later on. 

  • You’re Willing To Put In The Work

Once you tell your coach you want to improve, it’s up to you to put in the time and effort to do so. Whether it’s arriving early or staying late after practice or practicing on your own, showing that you’re committed to earning more playing time is something every coach notices.

  • You’re A Team Player

Every coach looks for athletes who can put their team ahead of themselves. Whether that’s always having a positive attitude, volunteering to help whenever you can, mentoring younger players, or simply cheering on your team from the bench, coaches will notice a team-first attitude. 

  • The Game Is Still Fun For You

Being competitive is great. Too often, however, many athletes’ desire to win can take the fun out of the game, not only for themselves, but their teammates and coaches as well. Knowing that you will face adversity somewhere along the line, coaches always notice the athletes who give an all-out effort, but also have fun at the same time. And, whether it happens while you’re playing or while you’re with your teammates on the bench, making it fun can also make you a valuable member of the team to any coach.

It’s a fact that coaches look for talent and ability first. But beyond that, coaches look at character, attitude, and the overall contribution you make to the team. And if you want to make yourself a better player, make sure your coaches know you have everything it takes to be a better team player, too.

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