When considering recruits, every volleyball coach has their own set of criteria that they look for in a player, as well as how they evaluate those variables. However, if you’re looking for an opportunity to play volleyball in college, you’ll likely need to possess these 3 traits that every volleyball coach wants in a recruit: 

  • Athleticism

Height is obviously a desired trait in volleyball, but it’s not something you can augment in the gym. However, being taller won’t give you an advantage if you lack quickness, strength, agility, skill, and desire. And those are all qualities that you can develop through hard work, regardless of your stature. In other words, if you do have the height, make sure you have the athleticism to make the most of it. And, if you’re considered short for a volleyball player, work to ensure you have the athleticism to play tall on the court. 

  • Skill

If you’ve always been one of the top players on your high school or club team, you may have only developed the skills needed for your position. However, at higher levels of volleyball, coaches look for players with the flexibility to play multiple positions, so that players can be plugged in anywhere on the court. That’s why it’s important to develop a full range of skills and be able to pass, set, hit, block, serve, and play defense. Further, as different coaches have different styles and different techniques, being able to take instruction and adapt to new methods is also a handy skill to have in your repertoire.

  • Will

If you’ve worked hard to develop your athleticism and skill, you can’t get complacent. You still need the will to excel and to be the best you can be. That will to excel is an intangible that can manifest itself in many ways, but ultimately it means working as hard as you can to help the team succeed. It’s also something coaches look for because they know that hunger for success can carry over to the other players on the team. 

Finally, if you do possess the three qualities needed to be a top-flight volleyball player, remember the things that can negate them in a coach’s eyes. Those traits include selfishness, not being coachable, and over-involved parents. The competition for college volleyball scholarships is fierce, and any hint that you might not fit with the team means a coach will quickly move on to a player that will.

Every volleyball coach evaluates a player’s unique skill set differently. But to ensure you stand out to every coach, make sure you have the athleticism, skill, and will to be the best volleyball player you can be.

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