UI / UX Designer / Developer

We’re looking to add a UI / UX Designer / Developer to our team. We believe design is as much about how things work, as how they look. Here are some leading indicators that this might be an awesome opportunity for you:

– You’re motivated to make awesome products that actually help people
– You want more responsibility to decide what features get built and how they get built
– You’re obsessed with getting things done well and on time, even if it means cutting the nice-to-haves
– You want to craft a product over time and see how it grows and evolves
– You love building and running A/B tests and learning how users actually behave

Here’s what we’d like to see from you:

– Loads of experience with HTML,CSS, SASS/SCSS, JavaScript, and, ideally, Ruby on Rails
– Demonstrable experience improving UI & UX through lots of iterations, A/B test data, and in-person/remote user testing.
– Interest in and fluency with the latest thinking in UI/UX
– Past employers who rave about your contributions
– UI design chops and an ability to create beautiful & clean interfaces

Here’s what you’ll do most of the time:

– Identify the main opportunities within our apps to improve usability and conversion rates with our product team
– Develop hypotheses around how to fix these problems
– Design, build, and deploy A/B tests
– Iterate on your designs based on data and feedback

What you get:

– A competitive salary and benefits
– A great team of colleagues and mentors
– A flexible work environment
– A budget for conferences, books, apps, and other stuff
– A voice in strategic decisions

How to apply:
Send a cover letter and your resume to info@captainu.com and include one pithy anecdote that illustrates how you think about designing great products.