We’re hiring an experienced Ruby on Rails Developer who wants to work with a React.js front-end

Experienced, reliable developer working in a Ruby on Rails environment who is looking to build something meaningful over time.

We’re looking for someone with fluent javascript experience who wants to work with React.js.  Here are some leading indicators that this might be a great opportunity for you:

  • You’re looking for a career growth opportunity for the next 3-5 years, not just the next gig
  • You want more responsibility to decide what features get built and how they get built
  • You’re motivated to make meaningful products that improve the way people experience the things about which they’re most passionate
  • You’re obsessed with getting things done well and on time, even if it means cutting the nice-to-haves
  • You’re tired of managers who don’t respect, let alone solicit your feedback
  • You’re interested in working with a close knit team comprised of passionate developers
  • All of our apps are based on the latest versions of Ruby, Rails and we upgrade frequently


What you get:

  • Plenty of say in strategic decisions and process improvements
  • The opportunity to work on projects that interest you
  • A competitive salary and benefits
  • A respectful team of motivated, talented colleagues
  • A flexible work environment
  • Lots of ongoing feedback and retrospectives


Here’s what we want to see from you:

  • 3-5+ years of experience with advanced javascript programming
  • Body of work demonstrating your recent React.js projects.
  • A stable work history: at least one job in the last 5 years where you’ve lasted at least 2 years
  • A proven ability to quickly learn new tools, apps, and environments
  • An enthusiasm for constantly tinkering with, and working to improve the development process
  • An optimistic outlook such that even when things aren’t working well, they present a growth opportunity
  • A fondness for working on well-organized, clear and concise code
  • Experience consuming REST based APIs
  • Comfortable working with designers to bring responsive UX to life.
  • Fluency with Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Distributed version control using Git


CaptainU is the largest network for college coaches and high school athletes who want to play sports in college. We’re bootstrapped and profitable. More than a million people use our tools. And we’ve been working remote since 2009. We place a premium on diversity, candor, and continual experimentation. You can learn more about us here: http://learn.captainu.com/about.

See our official job listing here.