You get invites to showcase and ID camps. Don’t feel pressure to attend every event—just the ones that fit your plan.

There are a lot of showcase and ID camps out there. It’s not possible to attend each one. To choose the right camps for you, look at which coaches, and how many coaches, will attend and how many campers will surround you. Be smart with your family’s time and money—pick camps that put you in front of many coaches or coaches from your top colleges.

When you get an invite to a showcase or ID camp, it feels great. Everyone likes to be wanted. But with only so much time and money to use on camps, you can’t make it to each one. So find the camps that fit your vision to make a great college team.

Take a look at who sponsors a camp. That should tell you how many eyes will be on you if you attend. Some camps use coaches from only the host college, while other camps bring coaches from a lot of schools. It’s great to put yourself in front of as many coaches as possible. But if there’s a camp hosted by one of your top colleges, it’s smart to attend, even if other coaches aren’t there.

You want to stand out at a camp. That’s easier in a smaller crowd. Find the camp’s contact info or talk with host coaches to find out how many athletes will be there. Ask the host coaches, or even your high school coach, if you would be one of the top athletes there. You want to know that eyes will be on you.

Find out how much a camp charges. Between flights, hotels, and registration, camps can cost a lot. If you and your family set a camp budget, then you can decide if one camp is so awesome that it’s worth using a lot of time and money for just one trip. Have a plan and stick to camps that fit the strategy.

If you choose to pass on a camp, it’s not going to crush your chances with the colleges involved. Use their invite as a chance to point coaches to your highlight reel, or share your tournament schedule with them. The key thing is that you stick to the camps that best help you make a great college team.

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