Calling the coach is easy. Prep a few questions and answers for your great talks.

You’re a junior or senior, and it’s time to get coaches on the phone. It’s easy to set up calls—each college’s CaptainU folder has its coaches’ numbers in the “info” section. Before each call, figure out a few questions you want to ask about the team and the college. Get ready to answer their likely questions, to tell them about your work and goals in school and in your sport. You can wow them by showing you get serious about these quick calls that build bonds.

As a junior or senior, you want to have great conversations with coaches. Getting them on the phone is a way to make that happen. If you’re comfortable talking on the phone with a coach, and your parent or guardian says it’s OK, setting up the call is easy. Go to the CaptainU site, find the folder of the coach you want to call, and click the “info” button to get that coach’s number.

Before the first call, take notes on a sheet of paper. Write down questions you want to ask. Find out if the coach still recruits for your class year. You may want to ask what academic services the athletic department offers, where the coach pictures the program in coming years, and how the coach views you as part of the vision.

Learn about the coach as a person. Look up what colleges the coach has worked at, and if it isn’t clear, you’re able to ask about it during your call. If the coach is new to a college, then ask how he or she wants to change the program or keep it the same. If the coach has been at the school for many years, then ask what he or she has done to make the program succeed. This is your chance to casually interview the coach.

Get ready to answer questions as well. You can guess most of what the coach might wonder. Think of ways you want to talk about your talent in the classroom as well as in your sport. Be ready to tell the coach about your goals, the stats and personal bests you want to reach in your game. Your goals can move beyond sports, too; have a list of things you hope to achieve in the classroom. You’ll show the coach you’re ready to be a student-athlete.

After the first call, the idea stays the same: plan questions to give the coach and replies to what the coach might ask you. These calls are awesome ways to get a lot of info in a short amount of time. You and the coach are learning one another, and you’re finding if this is the college for you.

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