Your college list looks great to you. What does your club or high school coach think?

Club and high school coaches know you. They’re used to talking straight with you and pushing you toward your best. Share your college list with them and get their opinions; find out which schools they love for you and which ones lead them to questions. Choices are yours alone, but it’s good to bounce ideas with people who know your grades and play.

You’re putting together a great list of colleges. You have twenty or thirty schools that offer something you like. Once you have your list, run it by your club or high school coaches. They can give opinions for how to add to, or trim from, your set.

Coaches can be honest with you. They know your level of play and they probably know your comfort in the classroom. So if they have ideas or questions about which colleges fit you as a student or as an athlete, then you should at least listen. They might suggest new colleges or ask why you like some of the ones on your list. Push them for their no-nonsense opinions on the schools and their fit.

There’s never pressure to take advice—you’re in control of your college search—but it’s great to get ideas from people who understand you. Your coaches may have know something, either about you or the schools, that helps you make a great college team.

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