A new coach reaches you, but you already love your college list. Should you add another school?

You feel good about your college list, but then you hear from a new coach. He or she emails you or checks out your athlete profile. Even if you already love your list, you don’t need to blow off this coach. Look into the school’s specs—if it intrigues you, add it to your list! Even if you end up not liking it, you didn’t lose much time checking it out.

That college list of yours looks good. You have a bunch of schools that could be awesome fits. But then a new coach shows interest in you—he or she sends you an email or checks out your athlete profile. You might feel like ignoring the coach and sticking with schools you know, but you should see if this college fits what you look for. If it does, adding it as a possibility is a no-brainer!

Adding a college to your list doesn’t have to be a promise or commitment. The coach won’t know either way—your CaptainU list is for eyes only. But you should add the college to see how it looks next to others on your list. If the campus, classes, and culture line up with what you want, then you gain a great college to think about. If you don’t end up liking the school, you won’t lose much time looking at it.

If you’re the type of athlete who uses CaptainU, then you’re smart about your search. You’re getting info about colleges and thinking it through. Having one new option is a good thing as you’re making a great college team.

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