Do you want to find more colleges you like? Search by division, location, or academics.

Find schools that have what you want in classes, sports, and social life. Go to the “colleges” tab in your CaptainU profile and click “add a college.” Then search by athletic division, campus location, school size, and grades wanted. Check out the colleges and, if you find a great one, add it to your personal list.

There are thousands of colleges in the U.S. You know a bunch already but want to uncover others that might be great. As you search for new schools, it helps to have something special you want to find. Craft a search for colleges that play in your favorite areas, compete in the division you prefer, and take students with your grades. These aren’t the only factors that matter, but they’re a starting point for your search.

It’s easy to find schools this way on CaptainU. Go to your profile, find the “colleges” tab, and click “add colleges.” You can filter your search based on athletic division, campus location, school size, or grades accepted. Use one or more of these filters to narrow your search.

Scroll through the set of colleges that comes up. See which ones catch your interest. You can click into a school’s profile to learn more about the specifics and link to the team and school website. If you like it, add it to your personal list. You can always go back and change your filters to find a new set of schools.

Discover colleges that have what you want. You’re getting info that will help you make a great college team.

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