How to use Determination Score

College coaches need to know about the drive and determination of the prospects they’re bringing in. Having a sense of whether a prospect is determined helps college coaches target the athletes who are going to help them win.

CaptainU Determination Score analyzes prospects’ drive and determination to help make good decisions in who they recruit.

Determination Score is calculated on a 1-10 scale, where 1 is low and 10 is high (i.e., laser-focused and determined to do what it takes to be successful.)

Determination Score takes into account:

Coachability — Does an athlete do the things coaches tell them to do? Do they take the steps they need to take to be successful?

Growth mindset — Are prospects challenging themselves? Do they seek out top, competitive events? Do they give up when things don’t go their way immediately?

Responsibility — Do they respond to coaches when coaches communicate with them? Do they respond in a timely fashion?

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