A workflow for college coaches to send emails faster


A couple weeks ago, we introduced the concept of “Workflows” on the new CaptainU College. The idea is that there are a few tasks college coaches have to do over and over. By making those tasks faster, we can save college coaches loads of time.

This week, we’re excited to introduce a powerful bulk email Workflow.

College coaches send a lot of bulk emails. In most recruiting software, it takes a ton of clicks to set up a bulk mailer: first you have to find the people you want to send it to, then you have to make a list, then you have to click a bunch of buttons and links to set it up.

CaptainU College makes sending bulk emails more efficient than ever: simply press the group you want to send it to — say 2015, 5 star recruits — and the message field will appear ready for you to write your email.

It’s another workflow that will save CaptainU College members lots of time.

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