Meet the New CaptainU College

It’s been 15 years since the first recruiting software was released. Since then, technology has changed a lot. But even as technology has raced ahead, recruiting software has remained stuck in the thinking of the last decade.

Ask yourself: is your recruiting software as good as the other tools you rely on — things like Gmail, Dropbox, and LinkedIn? The reality is that recruiting software isn’t much faster than it was in 2005, it’s not designed to make coaches’ work as easy as possible, and it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Not to mention that it’s wildly overpriced.

College coaches deserve more.

We started looking at this problem and after many conversations with college coaches, we came up with a set of principles about what recruiting software should be:

1. It should be fast. Pages should load fast and completing your work should be easy.

2. It should help you focus on high-value work and less time on tasks like data entry.

3. It should be as good on your mobile device as your computer.

4. It should not be the most expensive item in your budget.

5. It should not be lower quality than the other software you depend on.

6. The recruiting software you use in 2015 shouldn’t have been designed in 2008.

We’re excited to introduce the new CaptainU College, which is guided by these principles:

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It’s fast. Pages load fast and it takes very few clicks to get where you need to be.

It’s free. The core CaptainU College experience is free for college coaches.

It’s user-friendly. You don’t need to do a bunch of specialized training. Just jump in and go.

It’s mobile-friendly. It’s just as good on a phone as when you’re on your desktop computer.

It’s connected. You can manage your existing recruits and find new ones on CaptainU.

Take this quick video tour to see all of the principles of New College in action

Get a free account, sign-in if you already have one, or request a 10-minute demo.

We’re really excited to have you give the new CaptainU College a try and tell us what you think.

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