5 Ways: Highlight Video Tips


1. First, how to get one made.

-You’d rather have a professional videographer than a low-quality handmade video. Follow the link above to schedule a videographer to come out and film you!

2. Be at your best.

-Make sure you are filming a tournament or game where you feel you will have a chance to shine.  After all, this is YOU getting recruited to college not others on your team or on the opposing team.

3. But beware of the competition.

-If you can show that you excel against another major high school or at a major tournament showcase, coaches will be more impressed. Filming yourself in a total blowout where the other team is totally overmatched doesn’t add much value.

4. Editing.

-You can edit yourself or you can have us edit by ordering here. Either way, you want to show highlights of you being awesome in different phases of the game. Don’t just show offense or defense, show both.

5. Upload videos to your CaptainU profile

– Sounds obvious but you want to show this off to coaches, make it available for them to see—if you have us do it we can do it for you!