CaptainU Top 10 Soccer Players of the Month


We’re proud to announce the CaptainU Top 10 Soccer Players of the Month!


1. Ryan Turner

2. James Larson

3. Keegan Fairchild

4. Joshua Clark

5. Christopher Boudreau

6. Aidan Raj

7. Elijah Michaels

8. Peter Tonsits

9. Brett Landles

10. Joshua Lavin


1. Shannon Boler

2. Cozette Padon

3. Molly O Keefe

4. Morgan Jennings

5. Whitney White

6. Lindsay Mulligan

7. Kelly Conn

8. Mikaela Craig

9. Carly Eppler

10. Megan Fox

How can you make the CaptainU Top 10? Complete and regularly update your CaptainU profile, add colleges to your CaptainU list, and send messages to college coaches. Each week, the CaptainU Top 10 is determined by an algorithm that takes into account profile quality, interest from colleges, and messages sent. Login now to beef up your profile!

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