“CaptainU has it all.”

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After using CaptainU for a few months now I think it is safe to say that I love it!

When I first started using CaptainU I instantly knew I was in great hands. Once you sign up you create a profile for yourself that varies from your academic records to team/individual awards. Another cool feature is being able to choose ANY colleges of your choice (DI, DII, and DIII).

CaptainU is very organized and has it all. A user can choose from five different tabs: To-Do (lists), Profile, Colleges, Events, and Mail. These five tabs become very crucial in your recruiting process. To-Do (lists) helps push you to what is the next step you should take. For example, if you are registered for a clinic/camp, it will notify you to email that coach. Your Profile is to help express you academically, athletically and also just extra information to tell coaches a little bit about yourself. The College tab is there to have a list of your colleges that you chose (in a search). What is most useful for me in this tab is you are able to click on a college and CaptainU will give you a checklist starting from when you send an introduction email to the coach all the way to the end of the recruiting process of committing! Events are just a list for colleges to see what past, present, or future sports events you have or will be attending. Last but not least, the Mail tab is for emailing coaches.

I really enjoy the Mail tab on CaptainU. What makes this tool special is if you are interested in contacting a coach, the email is already set up for you! Since CaptainU already has the coaches email, all you need to do is select what type of format you want your email to be in, the subject and the write your message!

If you are new to the recruiting process and you are looking for good exposure, I highly recommend CaptainU! My experience with CaptainU has been great and I can’t imagine my recruiting process without it.