A song you can “feel in your bones”: CaptainU pre-game mix song #4

Today we bring you CaptainU team member Anicia’s song pick for our CaptainU Pre Game Mix, a song that she says you can feel in your bones.

“So this song was my favorite pre-game pump up because it blocked out any distractions. I would put my headphones on in the training room, turn up the volume, and it was just me and the music. When the song drops, I could feel it in my bones and by the time we were about to run onto the court, I was ready to get into the game and transfer the energy that was in the song into my play.”

It’s called “C’Mon” by Tiësto vs Diplo. Give it a listen and prepare your bones to be rattled!

Keep up with the full playlist with #CaptainUPreGameMix and stay tuned for song #4!

So far, the playlist is:

1. Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine
2. Quiet Dog by Mos Def
3. Kick Him When He’s Down by The Offspring
4. C’Mon by Tiësto vs Diplo