These must-see videos need your votes!

It’s time to announce our Top 5 Finalists in this week’s Video of the Week competition!

These athletes have worked hard for their whole career to improve their athletic skills and abilities while maintaining excellence in school and dedication on CaptainU. And now they need YOUR help!
The winner’s video will have a chance to be featured in our Video Newsletter and will be promoted throughout our blog and social networks, but none of them can have the chance without your vote!

You have until Monday, February 17th at 4:30pm MST to vote, so vote NOW! The winner will be announced Tuesday, February 18th.

TO VOTE: visit our social media pages and:

  • “Like” one of the videos on our Facebook page

    PLEASE NOTE: liking the CaptainU Facebook page as a whole does not count as a vote. You must find the specific post of one of the videos and directly “like” that in order for the vote to count.

  • “Retweet” or “Favorite” one of the videos on our Twitter page
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Here are your Top 5 Finalists!

  1. Joe Theuer
  2. Tara Atkinson
  3. Oscar Odriozola
  4. Devon Green
  5. Alexis Pol
  6. Congratulations to all 5 of our finalists. This is a big deal and honor in the CaptainU network.

    GO VOTE!!!!

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