CaptainU Reviews: “CaptainU has been immeasurably helpful throughout my whole recruiting process”


The one thing that I found most helpful about CaptainU was its email organization. I know that if I had just used my personal email to send and receive messages from coaches, I never would have been able to keep track of which schools I had been corresponding with. It was extremely useful to have all email communications from different colleges separate from one another. This compartmentalization helped me to keep a record of all communications with a given college, and it made it easy to see which schools I had been hearing back from the most.

I also loved that a link to my CaptainU profile appeared at the bottom of every email I sent, so that each time a coach received a message from me, they were reminded that they could look at my profile and see any of my videos or coaches recommendations.

The fact that CaptainU provided a convenient place for coaches to see all of my recruiting information was invaluable. Instead of sending them a message full of information and links that would soon be lost and forgotten amongst their thousands of other emails, CaptainU supplied a site where coaches could easily access all of my information at once and be more likely to actually remember who I was. One of the coaches I spoke to told me that he even showed my CaptainU profile to his daughter (which I thought was adorable)! So, I know that the coaches appreciate having a tool like CaptainU to be able to help organize their own recruiting process.

CaptainU has been immeasurably helpful throughout my whole recruiting process; without it, I don’t think I would have even known where to start. So, thank you!


(Who’s headed to an Ivy League school)