How to Manage and Prevent Bullying in Sports

One of the biggest and most controversial topics in the world of sports today is bullying. What is bullying? What crosses the line? What is the difference between “locker room culture” and language and actions that are offensive? What can we do to stop it?

We spoke with an experienced, top-tier sports counselor, Dr. Doug Jowdy, about the issue of bullying on sports teams not only at the professional level, but all the way down to the youth sports level.

What Dr. Jowdy presents as the roots of bullying and possible solutions in this episode of Radio CaptainU are extremely important, valuable, and even astonishing.

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Doug Jowdy to learn:

  • What the deepest root of bullying is
  • Ideas of how to prevent a child developing into a bully
  • The importance of leaders’ roles in bullies’ lives