VOTING OPEN: Video of the Week Top 5

Hey everyone!

Our next round of Top 5 Video of the Week finalists have been chosen, and now it’s up to you all to pick our winner! The videos are live and you all have exactly one week to send in your votes.

TO VOTE: visit our social media pages and:

And now, announcing our Top 5 Finalists for this week!

  1. Coleby Walker
  2. Kelsey Walter
  3. Kofi Aidoo
  4. Jake Cardelfe
  5. Bradley Roberto
  6. The winner of this week’s contest will be announced next Monday, December 2nd, to account for the holiday.

    Congratulations to all 5 of our finalists. This is a big deal and honor in the CaptainU network.

    GO VOTE!!!!