CaptainU Reviews: “I want to thank CaptainU for everything.”

Dear Captain U Staff:

Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to continue playing collegiate soccer. Captain U has assisted me by providing a photographer, counselor, and website. Anytime I needed to contact my counselor, he took the time to either respond by email or scheduled a phone appointment. He responded promptly and professionally not only answering my questions but also my parent’s. I have had a photographer take video tape two games so that coaches would be able to see how I played as an individual. He was able to highlight my performance on the field. Without Captain U, I am certain my ability to be seen by such a large volume of collegiate coaches would have not been possible. I was able to receive daily emails. It provides a professional link between the athlete and the coaches. I had a profile and soccer coaches’ recommendations available on a singular, easy to read webpage. I want to thank Captain U for everything.

Amy B