“The Dan Plan” : 10,000 hours of deliberate golf practice to get to PGA Tour

Ever heard the phrase “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it”? How about one step further – have you ever¬†met¬†someone who has actually done and achieved that? We have, and now you will.

Enter Dan McLaughlin, creator of “The Dan Plan.” Right around Dan’s 30th birthday, when his brother and girlfriend (at the time) accompanied him on a trip to Omaha, NE, and skunked him at a game of golf, he decided he wanted to test a theory. Could anyone become a professional at anything? Could someone with almost no real talent at a specific sport achieve the same end goal with just deliberate practice, dedication and hard work as someone who is talented or who has been playing the sport for a long time? He wanted to try, and his sport of choice was the one he was just skunked in. The end goal? To make it all the way to the PGA Tour. Remember, Dan has never really played golf.

So, Dan quit his job and determined that he would dedicate 10,000 hours of time to practicing golf to test his theory (not to mention, he really did want to improve his game).

Listen to this episode of CaptainU Radio to learn:

  • The difference between repetitive and deliberate practice
  • How to balance maintaining your strengths and improving your weaknesses
  • How far along Dan is in his 10,000 hours and more about his hopeful journey to the PGA