Ken’s CaptainU Review – “CaptainU was a huge assist”

“In looking for a place where we could go to showcase Sam’s background and skills, we came upon CaptainU through its connection with one of the tournaments her travel team played in during her sophomore year. We checked it out, and found the site to be simple to use, and intuitive for any coaches taking a look at her profile to understand.

It took only a short time for the initial aspects of her profile to be loaded up, so without much effort, her background was available to coaches to search. Within a very short period of time, we started receiving notifications that coaches had reviewed her profile. This was very exciting, for though we did not expect and were not looking for a Division 1 experience, that so many coaches at D2 and D3 did take a look (and a couple of D1’s did peak in) was great.

As time went by, we were very easily able to extend invitations through CaptainU to various coaches in travel and high school to write recommendations, which quickly appeared on the site to enhance the profile. In addition, we created and posted video clips which also uploaded easily.

As parents, it was particularly important to us to have her academic record prominently displayed, and so the availability of fields to promote her success in the classroom provided an excellent view to her overall background. We wanted coaches to know that this was not just an athlete, but a student first, athlete second.

At the end of the process, there’s no question that CaptainU was a huge assist, and we’d definitely recommend it to others (actually, we have!). Best of luck to you and the future for CaptainU!”

Ken B – parent review

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