Nolan’s Lacrosse CaptainU Review – “It was so easy.”

Nolan Lacrosse Review
“I want to share with you some great news. Much of this is due to Captain U. I recently committed to [a university in Maryland]. He’s why I’m writing you. As you must know, much of the recruiting work is done by parents, at least that’s how it worked at my house. But after my Dad showed me that I could see coaches searching for my profile and¬†looking at my emails, I totally got excited about the whole college thing. It was so easy and I would check it almost everyday. The best part was that Captain U just guided me through the process from start to finish…I didn’t need by Dad anymore. It was easy to post anything news, pictures or video we had made. I have two younger brothers, I know they will also use the Captain U.”

Nolan S. Рathlete review

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