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10 Keys to Evaluate a Coach



While tryouts are a time for coaches to evaluate players, it is also a time for parents and players to evaluate coaches as well. Here are some questions to consider before try-outs. Figure out what is important to you and how you can get answers to those important questions.

1. Is this a team of equal playing time or the best players will play?

2. Will you teach my child the skills to improve at this sport?

3. How do you handle disciplinary issues on the team?

4. What experience do you have with coaching in general? What experiences do you have coaching this age, gender, sport, or competitive level?

5. Do you have a child on the team? How will that affect my child?

6. What is your coaching philosophy?

7. How will the coaching staff work together? Is there a head coach? Co-coaching?

8. How many players would you have on your team in an ideal situation? Is that how many kids are on the team?

9. How would you like questions about playing time to be handled?

10. When is the best time to talk to you about my child? How would you like to be contacted?

Laura Sullivan M.A. Sport and Performance Psychology, University of Denver. Laura grew up playing a variety of sports. She has experience coaching and teaching mental skills athletes of all levels. She currently coaches volleyball in the Salt Lake City area.

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